Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Todays topic : INSPIRATION

2:05 PM

As an artist, it isn't always easy to produce amazing work at any given time. Sometimes we lack motivation and inspiration. For this reason it's good to know where you find most of your inspiration so that you can use that as a reliable source when your having a dry moment. I'm not saying narrow down where you find inspiration, I believe you  can be inspired by everything and anything if your really paying attention. However, it's also good to have somewhere you can go, something you  can look at to trigger creative ideas. For me, If im indoors, I'd browse other artists/designers on the internet or flick through my design books/magazines. Unfortunaly, as Im still not home I can't show you everything I would like to, but I do keep a folder on my laptop titled 'Inspiration' I thought I'd share some work I really like here with you. Call it an attempt to get your creative juices flowing. 

Texture can be really fun to work with and not to mention effective if used well. I am a fan of wooden texture and these pieces I think, do it justice. what do you think?

I use alot of paint-like brushes in my work. I think its one thing that I rarely go without in my illustrations. Heres some examples of other people who have used similar methods.

Although Im not a graffiti artist, I find it very inspiring. Im often amazed at what some people can do with a spray can. I only wish I had done these myself!

Where do you find inspiration?

Sophie Toulouse - One of the first artists I admired whilst I was starting out with Illustation.

Computer Arts - I must admit I don't read computer arts as much as I used to, But I have to mention them here because this is where I gained most of my inspiration which helped me greatly to develop my own style. You can find computer arts magazine every month at WHsmiths (and other stores)


Illustrious said...

Yeah, i feel that. rite now i am in the seek of inspiration, haven't done much over the past year due to lack of time, from my job which, ironically is a design one. Rite now i have been looking closely at Shepard Fairey, he has a very vast amount of work, which is very inspiring, and has deep meaning to it. I am sorting out my studio so i can get back on doing my stencil and paint work, but it is refreshing to see a blog like this, makes me know that there are other individuals who want to keep it real and do the art world justice. i wont rant on about how many idiots think they can design, all i will say is that too many of the wrong people are getting press, whilst the real talent get's none at all, but it is to be expected, everybody is in it for the money. will be back soon :-)