Thursday, March 5, 2009


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So you have the talent, you've put in the time to perfect your skills, researched your field, and now you've reached a point where you'd like to make money off your art. But where do you begin? sound like you? well, this topic should hopefully give some general tips on doing just that. Don't just use your creativity on your work, use it on the business aspect of things too. If you really utilize your skills, making money from your personal work can be successful. 

This is personally a topic I have been thinking about myself. I have thought of some creative approaches to this matter and whilst I do some research and gain ideas and advice from others. I thought I'd save you the hassle by writing this post. Let me know if you find this helpful! 

To start with you can join networking sites such as Behance, Myspace, Facebook, DeviantART, Twitter, Live journal,Blogger and so on. Although not all of these are specifically art communities, they are still useful when trying to get yourself noticed and reaching out to a wider audience. Having said that, Networking doesn't have to only consist of online networking. It could be attending events that allow you to mingle with people like yourself, potential clients, employers, or people who are more experienced and can help you on your journey. You will most probably
need these people if you want to turn your art to money.

There are many different methods of promoting yourself. When thinking about promotional material, the obvious things come to mind eg/ Business cards, Portfolios, freebies. etc. And although these things are often necessary, the most creative business card, portfolio, or give away wins. Don't just stick to using the typical methods either, really maximize your creative thinking and produce something unique, but also, something that really says who you are without having to say it. be humorous, be quirky, be bold, and most of all be original. Originality will get you noticed. Once you get working on this, you realize, the possibilities are endless!

I won't ramble on about all the various ways of doing this. but I will give a few you may want to try
Idea 01:
Submit your work to a popular design magazine such as computer arts or advanced photoshop
Idea 02:
Try to get your work shown at a gallery, although I'm not certain of how you would go about this, there are loads of articles addressing this. like this one Click here. Some galleries accept submissions, but being successful with this can be difficult, that's where once more your creative thinking and hard research comes in! To start you off, if your this kind of artist, try submitting your best pieces to Cosh a gallery based in London. 

There are ways of selling your art both on and offline. your online options are places such as eBay and amazon. Although you can sell almost anywhere if you have a pay pal account. Including the networking sites mentioned
earlier. If you would rather sell in person, one idea is to set up a stall at a market. It is usually reasonably priced to find a space. Even if you start by selling your work to friends or family, we all have to begin somewhere. Also, expect to put some money in before you get anything back.

You could sell prints, one of a kind canvases, even things like greeting cards, t-shirts (clothing) etc. You can sell anything you can create! don't doubt yourself, sometimes its about taking chances and believing that other people will want to pay money for your work. 

Ironically, probably the best way to turn your Art to money is by being a volunteer, doing some unpaid work experience or some free work is so valuable when starting out and you are still gaining experience, work for your portfolio, networking, and getting yourself noticed all at the same time. This can be the key to building a reputation and hopefully, eventually, making money off doing what you love. after all, that is the dream right?


Illustrious said...

Another great article. you ever thought about posting these blogs on facebook?

this is a very nice insight to anybody who is wracking their brain, to anybody who wants to make money off their own work, not just in the design field. sometimes trying to even get people to give you the time of day is a task in itself. creating a product that can sell itself is also a way to make money, for example, textile enthusiasts can make custom items, any good with an air brush or spray, try your luck, or if you have a good idea, and have put the initial starting points down, maybe seek funding to make what you have on paper, make you some paper lol.

love you topics, and you quote of the days, you're BIG ,-p

Prolicity said...

I havent posted them on facebook but i think i might do so. Thanks for your feedback I agree with what you said. if you could rate this post out of 10 in terms of how useful you think it is what would you give it?